Pilots, certificates and User Profile data privacy – rexs.io latest updates

We intend to keep you posted about our development advances as well as business performance. We will keep releasing updates to the product on a biweekly basis. What’s new?

Pilot implementations ahead

We are happy to announce BlockStart experts have positively evaluated our product! It means we are entering a Pilot stage intending to run several implementations with SME adopters in the following weeks.


This past week we’ve been working on security. We have introduced a new authorization mechanism for publishing hashes to the blockchain. From now on, we will be validating permissions according to the CN (Common Name) field from a certificate created in the context of the user for specified notary service.

User Profile data privacy, and UI tweaks

We have developed a number of user interface changes to further make it more intuitive. In addition, we have finally developed a user profile management page and included a number of GDPR-compliant changes. Our user’s privacy is our chief concern, and as we’re in the limited beta tester phase, we’re still doing well-handling privacy-related issues with our own team. But the greater the adoption, the more difficult it’ll get, hence these changes.

Agent installation moved to PIP

We have started working on removing technological debt in the Agent – our small software component acting as an interface between the Control Center (the Administrator’s user interface) and the nodes. The Agent handles deployment, starting, restarting, and stopping of services (eg. the Notary or the Secretary) and reports back the overall health of the server.
Currently, the Agent is installed by cloning a public git repository, but this solution lacks elegance we’re looking for so we decided to move it to PIP.

A word from CEO

We are following the product road map bringing rexs.io even closer to consumers’ needs and expectations. In the upcoming days, our team will focus on making communication between the Agent Service and the Control Center much more robust. Our current architecture must be redesigned to a better scale for a large number of clients. We’re also “trimming the fat” to make Agent as lean as possible in order to limit the need for frequent updates of this core service.  – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO

Stay tuned for future updates!