Backend architecture overhaul & preparing for migrating to AWS

We present to you another part of our bi-weekly update. Are you interested in what has changed?

Backend architecture overhaul started

Last sprint marked the beginning of a heavy backend redesign. Our end-game is to make all services that are installed on the clients’ infrastructure (the Agent, the Notary and the Secretaries), slimmer, more resilient and robust in order to decrease the number of updates as we further develop our platform and add new functionalities. Since we’re using the process to remove a lot of technological debt, it turned out, that a finer task-grained deployment was not possible. We had to accept that a big-bang like release is heading our way that will spill over into the next sprint. We can’t wait to share all the details once we’re done.

Preparing for migrating to AWS

Until recently, was deployed in a OVH’s data center, on a Kubernetes Infrastructure, completely managed by our DevOps team. But as it matures and we want to keep our focus on the product development, not the infrastructure maintenance, we’re moving the non-client-specific backend components to AWS infrastructure. Where possible, we’re going to use managed services for greater reliability and fault tolerance

A word from CEO

We were anticipating that our backend redesign will take much longer than a typical sprint, but these are necessary changes. From day one we aimed for open and honest communication with our users. We’re not afraid to admit that – yes – we had technological debt and it started to grow faster than expected. Early MVPs required quick iterations and rapid delivery to test our product with early adopters, but now it’s time to get back on track with a clean slate. – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO

Stay tuned!