Migrating our infrastructure to AWS and backend overhaul finished

We have another bi-weekly update for you. Check out what we have finished in the last two weeks.

Backend Overhaul Finished

Finally! It took slightly longer than anticipated, but it was worth the wait. We significantly changed our backend to make it much more robust, resilient to “network hiccups” and horizontally scalable.

With the new design in place, we will be able to handle increasing traffic without any limitations. This task kept our other tasks on-hold so we’re more than excited to be finally able to focus on developing new features.

Migrating our infrastructure to AWS is in its final phases.

Adrian, our Solution and DevOps architect did an amazing job preparing our AWS infrastructure for rexs.io. We have already a full production instance running there and we are performing final tests in order to make sure that our existing clients do not experience any problems. Once we’ve made sure, we’ll perform one final database migration and finally switch the DNS to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s.

Swiss office

We are happy to announce that from the beginning of September our company appointed an official representative in Switzerland. Patrick Ramseyer, an experienced manager and entrepreneur specializing in cybersecurity, data classification and protection, Machine Learning, and treasury solutions joins our team to support us in project management and delivery activities in Switzerland. Patrick will be available for meetings in rexs.io Swiss Representative Office in Romanshorn, Egnacherweg 6.

You may contact him directly:
E: [email protected]
P: +41 78 699 95 02

A word from CEO

If you have released a 100% product, you have released too late. We are actively listening to our early adopters and adding features we either sacrificed in the beginning to focus on core functionalities or designed less intuitively. One of latter is the Agent Service provisioning process that requires the administrator to jump back and forth between the Control Panel and the terminal. This and other new components are already in the development pipeline and we promise to keep you up to date. – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO

Stay tuned!