Architecting the new configuration management and Kafka Cost optimization

As every two weeks, we present you a summary of what we have developed over the last two weeks.

Architecting the new configuration management

Just as promised, we committed our previous sprint (apart from the obvious “business as usual” tasks) to thoroughly discuss how to simplify the configuration management of the data trust services. The current implementation requires modification of the JSON config files directly on the node – a process far from being intuitive and user friendly. We knew about these drawbacks, but there were far more relevant features we had to focus on prior to addressing this one.

We are happy to announce that we have found a solution that is both straightforward and highly secure. Once implemented, it will deserve a separate blog entry with an in-depth explanation.

Managed Kafka Cost optimization

Cloud is amazing if you want to focus just on your application, but it can get expensive if you’re not paying attention. Just as many before, we also had our wrists slapped. Constantly monitoring our cloud expenses, we realized that several services were oversized, especially considering the current workload. Particularly our Managed Kafka was burning a lot of cash. We quickly downscaled it and did so without any of our clients being affected by this process and noticing any downtime – a true testimony to a well-conceived design.

kafka cost

CEO Message

Now it’s all about work, work, work. Our team has a great blueprint and the next weeks will be dedicated to implementing this. Looking at our application today and comparing it to the one we had just a few months ago, I see an amazing progress we’ve made. I’m proud of this team and looking forward to reporting back on the progress. – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO