during Blockstart’s Demo Day

Yesterday we took part in Blockstart’s Demo Day. Together with four other startups, we presented what we have been working on in the last six months.

What is BlockStart?

BlockStart is an acceleration program designed to help blockchain/DLT startups to introduce their solutions to the market. Their mission is to discover and back Europe’s most talented blockchain innovators, help them implement their solutions in real-world commercial pilots, and attract follow-on investment. The European Commission supports the program.

Demo Day

On 29 October, we presented our MVP and the pilots we have implemented during the program. Demo Day was also an opportunity to learn from the personal experience of Max Lautenschläger, Co-Founder and COO of Iconic Holding, a global crypto-asset manager, and blockchain VC. He talked about areas and industries, which are already getting disrupted and key players, which are already building on the blockchain. During the event, research on which sectors may benefit the most from blockchain was presented.

Our solution is a technology stack for DLT-based notarization of existing data and data ingestion streams with an apparent decoupling of trust and persistence layers. Organizations can, therefore, benefit from the immutability and tamper-resistance of the distributed ledgers without data throughput limitations typical of permissionless DLTs. During Demo Day, we have presented three pilots we have implemented.

Slide from our presentation during Demo Day, which took place remotely using Zoom

Pilot 1: Authentication tool for road infrastructure maintenance (Eldro Technologies)

Our solution was used for work evidence authentication. With Eldro mobile devices, maintenance crews can send images to document the servicing job. The images are sent directly to the infrastructure operator, and their hash is notarized on the blockchain. In case of a dispute, all involved parties will be able to validate the attachments.

“Around 40% of our contractual fines can be easily avoided with the help of became an integral part of our maintenance process, and now is our new definition of work done”. – Pawel Piechowiak, CEO at Eldro Technologies

Pilot 2: Image validation solution for insurance business (Latitudo40)

We used for space imagery authentication. With Distributed Ledger Technology, we add a trust layer on top of satellite imagery serving as input data for Latitudo40 product – EarthAlytics. Thanks to DLT implementation, platform users will always verify if the information provided is generated from a sound and trustworthy source.

“We can be the first company to integrate blockchain data notarization in the field of earth observation and geoinformation.” – Gaetano Volte, CEO at Latitudo 40

Pilot 3: Storage Authentication for any business (Vawlt)

This pilot’s result was full integration of notarization technology with Vawlt secure multi-cloud storage. This integration creates a solution that ensures end-to-end data integrity, from the notarization process to the storage in multiple clouds.

“In my view, the PoC was very successful, we proved the concept and therefore validated a very strong value proposition that both our companies can offer to our customer base. Therefore, we are looking forward to evolving this partnership to the commercial level in the near future. – Ricardo Mendes, Co-founder, and CEO at Vawlt

Further plans

We admit this program was a huge success. This was a great way for us to work on our solution in a real-world pilot.

“Thanks to BlockStart we were able to reach SME early adopters across Europe. Their direct feedback elevated a good product to a great one, currently able to address a broad spectrum of data trust centric issues across InsurTech, Fintech and RegTech industries.” – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO at

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