on R3 Corda

As every two weeks, we present you a summary of what we have developed over the last two weeks. on R3 Corda

Hi all. It’s been a while since you heard from us, but we have an excuse. Team is among five finalists of the R3 Corda Insurtech Challenge and we’ve been crunching those past weeks to deliver a solution that we believe is a perfect blend of our vision for the data-trust-centric ecosystem and Corda’s privacy-oriented design. I’m happy to announce that we’ve done it. It’s still being tested (so it’s not out there yet), but we have ported our Data Trust Services to R3’s Corda Platform. And it works great. You get the familiar look & feel and philosophy, but instead of running on Ethereum, it uses Corda as the trust layer.

CEO Message

From day one we followed an approach of technologically agnostic design. We want to offer a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing landscapes and since so many insurance companies choose corda as their distributed ledger backend, it was the right next step for us as well. – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO