Updating Services Configuration from the UI

We present a summary of what we have developed over the last two weeks. Updating Services Configuration from the UI

Until recently, changing configuration of already deployed Secretary and Notary Services couldn’t be performed from’s Control Center. It required the admin to log onto the servers hosting these services and perform the updates manually, by editing the config JSON files. It was due to a technological debt from the early days, tackled in our massive architecture overhaul a couple of weeks ago. Once we cleared that obstacle, the road to a long-awaited feature was paved.

Now if you want to adjust the S3 endpoint, change your cloud credentials, or modify the network used for notarization purposes, you’re golden. Simply log into the Control Center, select the service, and perform adjustments accordingly. The service will be automatically restarted to include the new settings.

Your secrets are safe with us!

It goes without saying that sensitive information, like your cloud keys and secrets, remains undisclosed. As of now, when you install a agent on a server, a key pair is generated. The private key remains safe and sound within your IT infrastructure and only the public key is sent to the Control Center’s backend. When you choose to update your sensitive service settings, the Control Center will request the public key from the backend and encrypt the data locally on your computer. Encrypted data will be then sent to the server hosting the service you just modified and decrypted there locally using the private key. The downside is, you cannot view your sensitive settings in the Control Center. But we think it is a pretty good trade-off.

CEO Message

We fixed the process of updating the service settings and managed to stay true to our “privacy-first” approach. Now we’d like to make some adjustments to the UX and UI. We came to realise, that navigating between views is not as intuitive as we envisioned it. Time to fix that. – Krzysztof Radecki, CEO